At The City of London Therapy Centre, all our therapists are committed to upholding our principles of integrity, professionalism and excellence. This has earned us the trust and loyalty of our clients, as well as the respect of training organisations and our associates.
As a multi-disciplinary centre of excellence, we have the facilities to provide a range of talking therapies for individuals, couples and families.
We only collaborate and work with fully qualified, highly experienced and fully insured therapists; you can be assured you’re in safe and professional hands.
No two people are the same, that’s why our group of therapists take a flexible approach, tailored to your needs.

Alison Easton
Amina Ghanemi
Andrew Westcott
Anna Oliver
Beverly Stone
Christina Cooper
Corinna Shea
Daksha Patel
Darren Roscoe
Dean Forbes
Elwyn Griffiths
Errikos Kotzakioulafis
George Stergiou
Gordon Matthews
Heidi Milner
Jason Woolfe
Jo Travers
Julia Tracey
Karin Riseborough
Katie Vaughan
Kay Allen
Lee Payton
Leonie Campbell
Lindsey Thurlow
Lionel Sinclair
Louise Smalley
Lucy Cavendish
Maurizio Orani
Marjolein Platje
Mats Kolbjornsen
Michael Warwick
Nicolina Spatuzzi
Nigel Beaumont
Nigel Lloyd
Odete Daniel
Omar Timberlake
Helen Barnes
Paul Marro
Pina Patane
Rebeccah Evans
Samantha Carbon
Sandra Mtandabari
Sharon Adjei-Nicol
Suzanne Dinsdale