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I am an experienced therapist, working for a decade with clients from all kinds of backgrounds, with many different presenting needs and issues, both straightforward and more complex. As well as private practice I have worked in schools, counselling charities, bereavement services, and as the Staff Counsellor in a sixth form college.   I believe that therapy can be of help to many people, if we are ready to engage with it. It may be that you are reaching out in crisis, but it does not need to have got to this point for therapy to be effective. Many people find that regular sessions, and having the space to explore different perspectives with their therapist, gives them the insight to help rediscover their own strength and inner capabilities to move forward – from being at the mercy of painful long- or short-term issues towards an existence with more clarity, understanding and the times of joy that each of us deserves to experience.   Through my work and my life experiences I have again and again been moved and inspired by ways in which people instigate change in themselves and their lives. I believe that we all have it in us not only to survive but to thrive!   I hope that by helping you to work through your personal difficulties it can shape your present and your future, and release you from elements of your past that may have been hindering you.   I look forward to meeting you.


I hold an Fda in Counselling (Level 5), and am a Registered Member of the BACP. Coming from an Arts background, as well as being qualified as a therapist I also hold a BA (Hons) in Cultural Studies and an MA in Creative Writing: Scriptwriting.

The way I work

The way in which I work with each individual will be tailored to them and them alone - I believe the therapy must fit the person and their needs, and not the other way round. With this in mind I may feel it helpful in sessions to draw on skills from therapy models such as Person-Centred, CBT and Existential Therapy.   I work with adult individuals of all ages, providing long or short-term therapy, as needed.           I offer face-to-face, online and telephone therapy.  
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