Aidyn Kussainov

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BA, MA (Cantab)

Therapist, Neuroscientist

British Psychological Society



I am a neuroscientist, psychologist and therapist.

My academic work focused on neuroscience of impulsivity (decision making) and addiction (primarily fat and sugar). Research into decision making and motivation led to a career in finance - modelling financial market interactions. While no longer in finance, I still host neuroscience based wellbeing and performance workshops and training programmes in the City.

When working with individuals and couples, I apply a key insight from neuroscience: each individual makes sense of what is happening based on their past experience. Strong feelings are signals that demand a response. An effective response is to make sense of the past to build arcs of meaning, through regular work with a figure of trust.

My approach to practice of mental wellbeing is a balance between intense curiosity, capacity to listen and robust science-based systematic approach to blocks and problems. I have direct experience with multi-generational addiction, mental health disorders and diverse cognitive styles (autistic spectrum and ADHD).


BA Natural Sciences (Psychology) Cambridge University
MA Natural Sciences (Psychology) Cambridge University


Anxiety, Relationship issues, Affairs and betrayals, Separation and divorce, Low self-esteem, Child related issues, Family issues, Alcoholism, Gambling, Sex Compulsion, Drug abuse, Trauma, Depression, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Narcissistic personality disorder, HIV/AIDS, Insomnia/Sleep Problems, ADHD, Asperger's syndrome


Psychotherapy, Psychology, Couples counselling


English, Russian