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Depression Specialist

Hello, my name is “Justyna Garzennec”.

Welcome to the City of London Therapy Centre. We’re a private clinic with 20 years delivering therapeutic excellence, and are dedicated to helping people make positive changes in their lives.

Experiencing low mood and depression can feel like an isolating experience at times, often withdrawing into yourself while harbouring painful thoughts, or sometimes feeling like you’re wearing a mask so others don’t know what’s happening inside. It may creep up on you or it may feel like an ever-present dark cloud.

Our team of highly talented therapists, professional trained to the highest standards, can help you get to the root of your depression, working through unresolved life experiences, and helping you unlock your way out of what’s been keeping you in a difficult place.

Contact one of our depression therapists today, we look forward to helping you.

Depression Team

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