Odete Daniel

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Certified Practitioner

Cognitive Hypnotherapist

NCH, Manor House School of Spychodynamic studies


Monday AM, Monday PM, Tuesday AM, Tuesday PM


I offer experience in cognitive hypnotherapy, with a background in psychodynamic counseling and wellbeing coaching. I also offer a holistic approach to those interested. I enjoy supporting individuals to achieve the change they are looking for by providing tools that can assist you to move to where you want to be, assisting as you move forward on your journey, so you can make the choices you want from life, helping you to gain exactly what you want from life. That’s not to say life doesn’t still have its difficulties. It doesn’t of course, but you will be able cope with them without letting them get on top of you.


Cognitive Hypnotherapist Certificate
NLP Practitioner Certificate
EFT Skills course
Psychodynamic Counselling skills course
Wellbeing coach


Providing the high-quality support to clients under my care is of the utmost importance to me. The wellbeing of the patient is crucial, so I offer a confidential, trusting environment where you will feel safe to disclose your innermost feelings.

My aim is to focus on the core issue that is keeping you feeling ‘stuck’ in your journey. I work by listening to your story to gain an understanding of the issue and how the you perceive the problem, delving into how you would like things to be and how you would like to feel about things.


Abuse, Sexual abuse, Anxiety, Low self-confidence, Low self-esteem


English, Spanish, Portuguese