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BA Hons.





Daniel Saccoccio Therapist I am a fully qualified, Therapist  (BA Hons) . I am also trained and employed by the charity Relate as a relationship counsellor and couples mediator. Therapy should always be a process in which you feel understood, respected and accepted. I think that life can change in an instance and it did for me. I discovered therapy later in life, after a professional disaster. I was a 45 year old father and husband,  I owned a restaurant in London and I was making a good living. Then, I lost it all, everything, the restaurant, my house and this put great stress on my marriage. Overwhelmed, I went to see a therapist and he really helped me get through this painful time. He had lived and experienced life’s struggles and could understand how difficult it can be when life runs aground- suddenly.  I hope that I can offer this bigger perspective as a therapist now. I offer Individual, Couples and Family Therapy I adhere to the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapist code of ethics and I treat all information you give me as confidential. TESTIMONIES “I felt you were straight-talking but also very sensitive to our very different personalities and really wanted to help us as much as individuals as well as a couple.” “it played a valuable part in helping me with the decision and also be a bit better in being more honest with myself going forward” “Thank you very much for your understanding and expertise over the past few months. We came to you as a last resort as we careered towards an inevitable separation  - something we still want to avoid. Your message is clear: We need to reach an accommodation to create an atmosphere in which both we and the children can thrive” INDIVIDUAL COUNSELLING How does individual Counselling work? First we clarify together your therapy goals . The session are led by you, so that you never feel stressed to talk about things that you are not ready to talk about. I will give you a safe space to talk and I won't judge you. I will try and help you make sense of things and understand yourself better. I will also help you to resolve complicated feelings, or find ways to live with them and recognize unhelpful patterns in the way you think or act, and find ways to change them (if you want to). What can therapy help with? Therapy can help you manage and cope with:  Difficult life events, such as bereavement (losing someone close to you), or losing your job.  Relationship problems.  Upsetting or traumatic experiences, whether it's something recent or something that happened a long time ago.  Difficult emotions, such as grief, guilt, sadness, confusion, anger and low self-esteem.  Depression and anxiety..  Long-term physical health problems. Some people think that therapy is an extreme option, and that unless things get really bad you should try to manage on your own. But this isn't true. It's ok to try therapy at any point in your life, whatever your background. In fact getting support from a therapist when you're not at crisis point can be really helpful – it might feel easier to reflect on what's going on, and could help you keep things from getting worse. RELATIONSHIP COUNSELLING How can Relationship Counselling help me? Relationship Counselling can support you through major relationship crises or smaller issues that are making you unhappy. For some people, it can transform their relationships and their lives; for others, it can help them solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence and less anxiety. The therapy session will provide a safe space for you to explore the issues. You are both given the chance to explore and discuss the root of the problem, The focus of couple therapy sessions is never on one partner or the other. The emphasis is on the relationship between you. I will make sure that both of you have a chance to speak and be heard. Each session usually lasts 50 minutes to an hour,. Both partners can talk in confidence to me to explore what has gone wrong in the relationship and how to change things for the better. It can help couples learn more about each other's needs and communicate better. As part of the relationship counselling, I also see the couples individually. Even if things don’t change, counselling may help you to see things in a different way or make the decision that’s right for you to move forward. Just talking to someone who isn’t involved in the relationship can help you. Who is Relationship Counselling For? We see couples of all ages, whether they are married or not, mixed or same sex, living together or apart. Issues we can help with Many couples find difficulties start after a painful event or illness, or following a significant life change. Couples therapy can also help with depression and isolation, mental health issues and parenting issues.
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