MMS, BA, MNCH (Reg.)

Hypnotherapist, Human Givens Therapist, TRE

Member National Council for Hypnotherapy, Member of Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council


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I spent years looking for a therapy that would help me deal with the symptoms of trauma such as shaking, disassociation, raised heart rate, panic attacks and memory loss among many others. While the talking therapy was good to understand the logical part of the issues, my body seemed to have its own idea and was responding to anything with intense reactions. I was in a constant fight or flight or freeze mode. I didn't have any control of my body. My body was controlling me and making my healing impossible.

Fast forward fours years of research and studying, I was able to find therapies that worked for me. I use the word ‘therapies’ because it never was just one therapy but a combination of different therapies that worked for me.

What I would like to offer to my patients is a combination of most effective therapies to break the connection between the memory and the reactions in the body. I use the Human Givens technique called ‘Rewind’ that has been successfully used with ex-soliders suffering with PTSD. I also use hypnotherapy that has been proved effective in dealing with many conditions including Phobias. Some patients respond well to TRE (Tremor Release Exercises) which is also widely used with ex-soldiers and it is a form of exercise that releases the stored stresses and helps the body to regulate itself. Part of successful therapy is to be able to inform you about different types of therapy available and finding out what works best for you.

I specialise in treatment of PTSD, complex PTSD, Phobias and Work Stress as well as Anxiety and Depression.


MNCH (Reg.) Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis, Human Givens in Trauma, PTSD and Phobias, MMS Masters in Management Studies, BA in Linguistics


If the therapy that I offer sounds good to you, you can book a session. The first session will be about getting to know you and the reasons why you are looking for a therapy. We will discuss what you would like to achieve and I would be able to give you an indication about how many sessions you might require. If you would like to have a short conversation before coming to the therapy, feel free to email or call me.


Trauma, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Phobias, Work related stress, Sexual abuse, Insomnia/Sleep Problems, Burnout, Anxiety, Generalised anxiety disorder, Abuse, Dissociation, Bullying, Depression, Stress


Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy


German, Russian, English