BSc, PGradDiet, BPhed

Specialist Dietitian

Registered member of British Dietetic Association (BDA) & Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC)


Monday PM, Tuesday PM


I am an accredited practicing dietitian who is passionate about helping people to build a more positive relationship with food and their body, and reconnect and learn to trust their own intuition around food. We are all born with these skills but our life experiences and the media, which is flooded with conflicting advice, can mean we lose touch with this. When faced with illness or a specific health concern, or simply looking to improve overall well-being and self-acceptance, sorting through complex information and advice about diet can require specialist help and support which I aim to provide in a non-judgemental supportive environment.

I have been working in the dietetic field since 2006 in a variety of roles – contracting dietitian for the NZ army, clinical dietitian, centre manager of a weight loss centre, and as a specialist eating disorder dietitian.

In these roles I gained expertise in helping individuals of all ages (children, adolescents and adults) with complex clinical conditions such as eating disorders, food allergy and intolerance, IBS syndrome, chronic fatigue, malnutrition, bowel disorders, cancer, kidney disease, heart disease; and also those who want to enhance their performance.


Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics with credit,
Bachelor of Science majoring in Human Nutrition
Bachelor of Physical Education majoring in Exercise Prescription and Management


It is about finding the right answers for you or your child, to provide the solid foundation need for healthy lifelong eating patterns. Everyone is unique, knows their body, lifestyle and what is going to work for them. Respecting this is crucial when considering changes to your diet.

Restoring nutritional balance is much like climbing a mountain. It is hard work, and at times you may feel lost, or like you can’t take another step. Together we can show you how to take your next healthy step.

We will work towards you making successful and sustainable changes with
– Evidenced based nutrition plans
– Personalised recommendations
– Ethical and safe approaches to health goals

I work with children/adolescents/adults, their treatment team and family and / or support network to help improve acceptance and flexibility with food, leading to physical and psychological benefits – one baby step at a time!


Eating disorders, Anorexia nervosa, Binge-eating disorder, Bulimia nervosa